We staff a powerful and diverse group of adjusters

We provide our clients with cross-trained, professional, fully qualified adjusters who service claim needs from inception to completion. Additionally, TSI maintains a partnership of independent adjusters ready to be deployed to serve our client needs at a moment’s notice.

Highly experienced and well trained, our adjusters have an imperative understanding and appreciation of statutory requirements and techniques.

We understand that success is based on teamwork. TSI Adjusters, Inc. efficiently handles all lines of claims adjusting in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Driven by the needs of our clients, we can provide adjusters for any size event. We also provide the highest quality product with the utmost professionalism.

TSI provides a specialized investigative unit of adjusters on-call to cover a wide variety of claim services for your company. We ensure that the integrity of our work remains constant and uncompromised. We understand that ‘time is of the essence’ and provide unparalleled speed in resolving claims.

Property inspections for claims are completed as fast as possible and then processed.


We take great pride in offering coverage across the United States of America

TSI Adjusters Was Formed In 2006

The originally-small, minority-owned and operated company saw a 600% increase in just over two years. Today, we are a leader in the insurance adjustment space and will continue to operate with the same values and integrity that got us to where we are today.

Through a client-centric approach, we found that insurance companies not only need, but require seamless coordination of insurance investigative and adjustment services.

Private property and casualty insurers lose $100 billion every year to insurance criminals. Insurance fraud, a prevalent problem in today’s society, receives little attention by the police and judicial system.

Our investigative expertise had revealed that this innovative, quality, one-stop solution could set a new standard for any claims-based need in the insurance industry.

By providing the most consistent and professional product, TSI has excelled to the top ranks of Florida insurance adjusters and investigators and has left an impressive amount of results in it's trail.


Although the insurance industry is a highly competitive market, we strive for uniqueness

Our firm delivers ethical, conscientious, accurate, and reliable services that reflect the personal standards and work ethics set forth by our founders. In order to provide the maximum level of client satisfaction, our adjusters work tirelessly to compile a comprehensive understanding of the operations that could affect a claim.

At TSI Adjusters, we believe that a mutually beneficial relationship forms through cooperation, knowledge, efficiency and management. Together, it is our belief, that the best results are created.

We strive to provide consistently superior products and services throughout TSI’s vast network of resources, maintain a strong sense of urgency in responding to our clients, provide comprehensive analysis and documentation of policy coverage.

We also maintain current knowledge of: local market pricing, property insurance coverage, court decisions, current guidelines in the claims function, and policy changes and modifications.

Achieving superior adjustment and management of assigned claims to ensure that policyholders and claimants receive high quality service as well as several other commitments we have set as a company create our foundation for our everyday interactions.